Free Shipping Over $150

At Luxy Thrift, we believe in three core things.


We guarantee quality, clean and undamaged items. No funky thrift store smells, no searching for items that don’t have flaws such as stains or rips. We only provide items that are in good or better condition. We want to take the worry out of purchasing, if you have any issues, we will make it right.


Find the best pricing on your favorite brands, some even new with tags at a fraction of the cost! We understand the value of your money, and want to offer you competitive affordable prices, always.

Environmental Impacts

The fast fashion industry is a major environmental polluter, with tons of clothing going to landfills every day, and producing mass quantities of cheap clothing. We want to offset this by offering clothing items a second life, and by shipping with eco friendly supplies. No matter how small- we can make a difference.
Company Future Insight
At Luxy Thrift we always want to be transparent with our customers.
Our future goals include continuously expanding our women's clothing selection, and adding to our product range accessories, shoes, men and children's clothing.
We would like to support good causes, and be an asset to our communities.
We will create a clothing send in program.
We will always maintain an eco-friendly company, regardless of the extra expense.
Decreasing shipping rates, as our sales increase this will allow us to offer you lower shipping costs. We will consistently analyze our sales forecasts and provide you the best price we possibly can.
We will always listen, your feedback is important to us.
Thank you for your support.